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Small Weddings – Create a Memorable Day With Just a Few Wedding Guests

When you think about weddings, you may picture the ones you have seen on television or depicted in movies in which these events takes place in big elite wedding halls with many guests in attendance. You may also remember some large affairs you, yourself, have attended. However, if you plan on only having a few wedding guests at your wedding, you might not be sure how to make it as memorable as a bigger wedding. This article offers some suggestions about ways to have a special day with just a small number of wedding guests.

One option is to rent a small room at a restaurant where you can have both the wedding ceremony as well as the reception. If, for example, you plan on 15 guests, it might be quite awkward to have a wedding at a huge wedding hall. By scaling down the size of the venue to match the number of guests you have, the setting will seem quite appropriate.

Another option is to get married at home (or at a friend's or relative's house). Getting married at home naturally makes for a more intimate and cozy environment. You might want to have the wedding in the backyard, and rent tables for the reception (if necessary). An added benefit is that this is typically one of the more affordable options for a wedding location.

A third idea is to have your wedding on a cruise ship. This option works well if you have a few guests or actually have no wedding guests at all. (Typically the cruise ship's wedding coordinators will provide you with witnesses, if necessary). Usually you have to be docked in port during the wedding ceremony. This means that you can get married either at the cruise's departure city or at any city at which the ship docks during the cruise. You may have the option to either marry on the ship, itself, or somewhere in the city. If you do have wedding guests who can come to the departure city, they can attend your wedding and then disembark before your cruise ship departs. You would then continue your honeymoon cruise as newlyweds.

A final idea is to have a destination wedding. A destination wedding lends itself to a small wedding as travel costs – as well as time needed to take off from work – tend to limit the number of guests in attendance. If, for example, you want to get married in Hawaii, you could be accompanied by a few close guests (such as family members) or the two of you could elect to get married alone. (just make sure you plan for any witnesses that will be needed if you have no guests).

Remember, there are many ways to make your wedding day special regardless of the number of guests in attendance. A small wedding can be just as memorable as a large wedding.

Source by Jane Lawrence

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