Signs Your Wife Doesn’t Love You Anymore – Insight Into Your Spouse’s Heart

No one fully explains how challenging marriage will be before you take that fateful walk down the aisle. On that day, your wedding day, you’re under the mistaken belief that you and your wife will be different. You love her so much that you believe that you two will weather all the rough seas and always come through conflict more bonded and deeper in love than ever. When something starts to change in the marriage and you begin to suspect that your wife doesn’t feel as connected to you as she once did, it’s heartbreaking. If you’ve asked her about it and she’s brushed you off because she doesn’t want to talk about it, that’s even more emotionally challenging. Unless you can get a clearer picture of what she’s feeling, you can’t change the situation. Fortunately, there are some signs your wife doesn’t love you anymore that will give you a much needed glimpse into her heart.

Here are several signs your wife doesn’t love you anymore:

She’s stopped sharing what she’s feeling. When a woman is in love with her husband she wants desperately for him to understand when she’s upset or feeling lost within the relationship. She’ll talk about her feelings frequently. If your wife has stopped doing this, it’s not a good sign for the marriage.

She’ll find excuses not to spend time with you. The very fact that she’s fallen out of love with you will make her uncomfortable in your presence. She may look for excuses to not be with you, be it work issues or tending to things for the children. If she always seems to busy to sit down with you, that doesn’t say anything positive about her feelings.

She’ll look for things to criticize you about. We’re all familiar with the idea of a woman who nags her husband. That’s part and parcel of marriage. However, if your wife seems to be taking it a step further and is saying spiteful things about you as a person, that’s a sign she no longer feels close to you. Hurting your feelings obviously isn’t something that concerns her anymore.

Also, don’t overlook what your intuition is telling you in terms of what your wife feels for you. You know in your heart when she’s pulling away and things have changed. No one knows her better than you so look within to help you determine whether or not she’s as devoted to you as she was the day you two were married.

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