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Signs That He Is Going To Propose

Are you wondering if you are about to become an honest woman? Are you wondering when, oh when is your boyfriend finally going to pop the big question. There are a few tell tale signs that he is going to propose. These are of course not a guarantee, but if your guy is like a lot of others, then you will notice some odd behavior before he gets down on one knee.

If you notice him start talking more and more about weddings you have been to, and some of the things that he noticed and liked and begins asking you about stuff that you liked he may be trying to gather more information on your thoughts of your wedding.

If you notice that for some odd reason he is saving up and not splurging as he usually does, this may also be a sign that he is ready to make a big purchase. Let’s just hope he is saving for a ring and not a new fishing pole or bowling ball.

If you notice him start to act weird in general and you are sure he is not cheating on you, this may also be one of many signs that he is going to propose. Many guys start to get nervous and anxious before the big day. These nerves and anxiety will manifest themselves in weird little things he might do.

If he yells you he wants to start “saving” for future stuff like opening a joint account so the two of you can start “saving” for trips and such, that is a pretty dead give away. He is saying he is committing to you by opening a joint account together. This is also a sneaky way for him to start putting cash on the side for an engagement and wedding, without you knowing it.

If he and some of your friends start acting weird around you, again in a good way, this may be a sign that he is hatching a plan with your friends to surprise you in a very public venue. Such as proposing at a party or sporting event.

Again, these are not guarantees that he is going to propose, but they are some signs that I have noticed and heard of in many, many of my friends before popping the big question. Your gut is usually your best guide. If you feel he is about ready to pop the big question, see him acting out of the ordinary in a good way, you may very well start to see signs that he is going to propose.

Source by R. Vidad

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