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Self-Sabotage – 6 Reasons

So, there you are with your friends, celebrating your upcoming job promotion, your upcoming graduation, or even your upcoming wedding. Then ‘Boom', you mess it up. For some unexpected reason you find yourself in a situation that leads to failure of meeting that sought after goal. Why? It's called self sabotage.

Reasons for Self Sabotage:

1. You look for approval from others: If others don't approve of what you are doing, then you tell yourself that you can't achieve because others don't approve of your actions, plans, or goals.

2. You lack self confidence: You believe you are not good enough for that position you worked hard to get by telling yourself you'll never be able to measure up to these intelligent people. You then get demoted for not performing well.

3. You contract for a failure by procrastinating: You decide to procrastinate because you say you have a short cut plan to use later. You squander your time, and later with time constraints, you make excuses for not meeting that deadline for your presentation.

4. You want to prove to yourself that you're a failure: You tell yourself that you've set your goals too high anyway. And when doubt sets in, you don't make the grade and prove to yourself that you're a real loser.

5. You want to prove to others that ‘they' were right that you're a failure: Somewhere along the way someone told you that you would never find your soul-mate, and besides, you'd make a lousy dad or husband.

6. You are afraid to ask for help: You get stuck in the process of preparing your power point presentation, but you think people will think less of you if you ask for help, so you don't ask for help.

Never underestimate the power of self sabotage. Many of us don't even know we're doing it, but it sure makes us wonder why we don't succeed. This is by no means the extent of our self sabotaging reasons, but it sure helps to have a starting point to check out why we do this. We can enjoy those wonderful experiences life has to offer such as job promotions, graduations, weddings, and much more by having the capacity to follow through.

Source by Krystalina Soash

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