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Second Wedding Ideas – For Brides Who Have Been Married Before

Planning a second wedding? You are not alone! A large number of marriages today involve at least one spouse who has been married before. Most people think since it's a second wedding it should not be anything special. This is far from the truth in so many ways. Just because a couple is planning a second wedding does not mean it needs to be in front of a judge with the couple's immediate family only.

People need to remember the reasons for a second wedding. Yes it's possible that the reason is due to a divorce, but it's also possible that the reason is because someone was widowed. Either way, a second wedding can be just as special (or sometimes even more so) than the first.

Planning a second wedding should be no different than planning a first wedding without the couple wants something totally different the second time around. The important thing to remember is that this is the first wedding for you and your soon-to-be new spouse, so it should be a celebration of your future life together.

A second wedding needs to be planned the same way as any other wedding. Start with a budget and plan accordingly. Keep the second wedding mentality out of the picture while planning your wonderful and exciting event.

Most times when couples plan a second wedding they pay closer attention to themselves rather than the family and friends that are invited. This could be because they know it's about them and only them or they want to make it as special as they can.

Planning a second wedding should not be any different when it comes to bridal showers and bachelor parties. These pre-wedding parties should be organized and you should have fun attaching them. You can put a note on the invitation that no gifts are required so people do not feel obligated since they may have already purchased a gift for you once. At the same, as the bride and groom, you should not feel obliged to have these parties if it does not feel right for you.

When you are planning a second wedding you need to remember that you're your wedding and more than likely you will be paying for it, so the decisions will be up to you and your spouse-to-be. That said, second weddings do tend to be more casual then first weddings, but they do not have to be if that's not what the couple wants.

One thing to remember is that the bride may have been given away once if this is her second wedding, so that part of the ceremony may be different as well as the vows. Discuss this with the pastor or the person conducting the ceremony.

Many marriages end in divorce because of an unfaithful spouse, other marriage partners may be widowed, so it's not unusual to have a second wedding or even a third marriage. Planning a second wedding is a little different than the first one, but in many ways it is very similar, you are starting off on a journey together that will hopefully lead to a life on unconditional love and happiness.

Source by Darlyn Burkle

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