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Seaside Weddings – A Romantic Wedding You’ll Never Forget

Seaside wedding is a romantic storybook. Wedding is a dream for anyone. Seaside wedding is the apt dream location for any wedding. Whether you want just the two of you or a formal wedding, one can keep it on an island or by the beach and call it a seaside wedding. The scenery, the white sand, the blue water, the sunset, and the white waves, the blue skies add color to the wedding.

Mostly, seaside weddings are held in seaside chapels specially constructed for the same. If you have dreamt of a sunset wedding along the shores of the graceful Mediterranean coast, then you must plan to get married in Italy. There are many romantic beaches in the world and hundreds of ancient castles and stately villas, where you can plan your dream wedding.

Most of the wedding items will be available in white and if a mention is made for ivory it can be done. Wedding cakes are fantastic and it matches with the beach with seaside cake topper, or seashell dove-cake topper or sea breeze cake topper and so on and so forth.

Seaside wedding is mostly done by event coordinators. Not only they organize the seaside wedding, but also take into account many more details to make the seaside wedding a grand success. Seaside coordinators assist with the arrangements of music, catering, floral, photography and guest accommodations.

Seaside wedding invitations can be decorated with the pictures of silver dolphins or a sea resort or of a mermaid etc.

Bride's wedding gown can be in white with light blue or silver embroidery or beading. The groom can adorn a grey suit with the waistcoat in sea greens, blues and silver.

The flowers can be of blue with a touch of silver. A few sea novelty items such as starfish or shells can give a pleasant look. Cut blue cards into small sea shapes like starfish, shells for place cards and use silver pen for writing. Biscuits can be baked in seaside shapes. Tables can be named in the names of the sea creatures. For floral decorations, seashells and shiny pebbles look attractive and different than the usual flower carpets.

An illuminated aquarium looks beautiful. Borrow beach balls and inflatable toys from your friend's kids and set it up in a corner so that all the kids can have a blast and won't disturb you during the moment of your life.

Don't rely on the weather. Sometimes you may wish for sunshine but you may get rain instead, so always have a back up plan ready and this plan should be known to the guests, so that they know the drills when the weather packs up.

A beach is always a windy spot, so don't use any decorations that could be blown away.

Source by Yolanda Nash

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