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Scrapbooking the Wedding Album

A scrapbooked wedding album makes a fantastic gift for the couple or family member, and offers the couple a very special way to remember their special day. A scrapbooked wedding album offers that personal touch that simply isn't possible in a traditional wedding album. The scrapbook approach allows the designer to incorporate elements that are unique to the couple and create a wonderful heirloom.

The beginning of the album should show a picture of the couple with their names and the date of the wedding. This sets the tone for the album. From there, most scrapbooked wedding albums present the couple and the wedding in chronological order. The book should use complimentary colors and styles, but this does not mean that the same papers, colors and themes need to recur throughout (although incorporating the wedding colors is a great idea for some of the pages or the overall theme color scheme). For example, starting the book with “his” and “her” pages will allow the designer to use themes that best represent the bride and groom. Is he an avid fisher? Does she enjoy the outdoors? Using these themes provides that personalized touch.

Many wedding albums will begin with “his” and “her” pages (following the introductory page!) and move into the chronicle of events. How many and which ones are included depends on the designer and what photos are available. Some couples will have some favorite photos from when they were dating; others may prefer to have an album strictly based on the wedding itself. (One way to work around this is to use an album where pages can be removed, which helps you organize and use pages in other albums if necessary.) Other elements that may be included are bridal or couple showers. Photos from the wedding itself may start from the rehearsal dinner or from the bride's walk down the aisle. Photos from the ceremony and those in the wedding party will be included, as will pictures of the cake, cutting the cake, and the reception.

Overall, there is a lot of room for creativity and different options for scrapbooked wedding album. Use your imagination and the couple as your guide.

Source by Dee Marie

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