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Save the Date Wedding Magnets Are Becoming More Popular

As people are constantly looking for different ways to make their wedding celebration stand out in the crowd, save the date wedding magnets are becoming more and more popular. There are a number of factors that contribute to why they are seeing such a heavy incline in popularity with the most heavily weighted being that they are extremely unique and versatile.

The unique factor of the save the date wedding magnets are definitely a high point from the traditional card form. They trump the card form because they turn out more vivid in color and more vibrant in appearance. When speaking of a wedding item choice, you want the best and save the date wedding magnets provide that.

Another reason why magnets are surpassing many other traditional forms is because of the cost factor.

Custom magnets are very affordable and usually a lot less expensive than getting card stock save the dates or even postcard style options. By their very nature, magnets are highly customizable and are often times used by businesses to promote their service, company or product. In essence, this is what couples are doing for the date of their wedding.

Magnets have a hard time getting lost. Once stuck to a metal surface, they usually remain there for the length of their stay. So, when it comes to photo save the date magnets wedding magnets, guests will put it up on their fridge and not take it down until the day passes. What does this mean? It means they will see it every day up until your wedding. Everyone has to go in the fridge at least one time of the day. Looking at the fridge door is an automatic occurrence thereby increasing the exposure to serve as a reminder. Moreover, you will not have to worry about them finding their way into the trash can on accident or shoved behind a couch.

They cannot be scribbled on with crayon and damaged by a 2 year old and the dog will not eat them as a treat. Believe it or not, a traditional save the date card has a lot of hurdles to overcome in order to make it to the wedding day and serve its purpose!

Before selecting your save the date wedding magnets, be sure to verify the place you are ordering from uses a thicker magnet. The best ratio for wedding magnets is 30 mil thick with 20 mil of it being the magnet. Be sure that you check the ratio on the magnet thickness because although some companies might claim 30 mil thick, the paper could be thicker to the magnet. When that happens, the magnet frays and looks horrible.

Have fun creating unique save the dates that your friends will love! It is not every day that we are able to take the time and pay attention to detail. It is your special day- make it count.

Source by Robert Badger

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