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Refreshing Your Wedding Photo Album

Whether you've been married for five years or twenty there's a good chance that you have a wedding photo album that could be in need of a little lift. No matter how well you look after them, photo albums do have a tendency to become slightly damaged. Old paper prints can fade over time while well leafed wedding albums can lead to crumpled or creased photographs as well as damage to the album itself. Thankfully, there are several great methods to update your existing wedding album.

A replacement wedding album is the obvious solution. Modern albums are more rigid and resilient to damage and they offer similar mounting options too. Simply apply the mounting material and then stick each photograph into the album. More modern wedding albums and photo albums can even be customized so that the front cover includes a caption and even a photograph of your choice. This means you can include your main wedding photo along with names and the date when you got married.

Photo books make a good looking and even less troublesome alternative. With no need to mount your own photographs, you can have tens of photographs printed directly onto satin 160gsm art paper with no frames or borders around the images that you choose. Every page can be customized and you get to choose the layout. Again, the front cover of the photo book can normally be customized and some services offer excellent quality, hand bound photo books with corner protectors and other functional and aesthetic additions.

Create a photo montage from a selection of your favorite wedding photos. This montage can then be added to any of a range of personalized photo items and personalized photo gifts; While it may not completely replace the traditional photo album or wedding album it can create a highly unique and great looking personalized gift that can be given for anniversaries or kept for your own sake.

Old wedding photo albums can become jaded but it's illegally that the older ones will be accompanied by digital photographs. Fortunately, some personalized gift services are able to scan a high quality version of your images so that they can still be added to a new photo album or photo book, or converted into a photo montage and added to any other personalized photo item.

Source by Matt Jackson

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