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Read Wedding Ceremony Words of Wisdom In Ceremony

You get married soon and you are wondering, no doubt, choose which texts (wedding ceremony words) for the wedding ceremony and reception. Here’s a guide to help you find the best way.

The church wedding In the Bible

In a religious marriage, Christians are required to select texts from the Bible, at least in the first part of the ceremony. A significant person for the newlyweds, or priest can do reading.

Among the most common texts, you will know:

  • The first letter of St. Paul, Apostle to the Corinthians (12,31 -13,8a)
  • The letter of Saint Paul, Apostle to the Ephesians (4: 1-6)
  • The letter of Saint Paul, Apostle to the Colossi-ans
  • or an extract from the book of Genesis

You can also look in the Bible or the New Testament texts that “speak” to the intending spouses. A website suggests you some.

The Gospel reading is reserved for the officiating priest the ceremony. Generally, he chose a written Matthew.

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Wedding Ceremony Words of Wisdom

The text of the spouses

This crossed obligation, spouses are invited to recite a prayer that they made ​​with the priest in the preparation of marriage. They can also select a text Saint Francis of Assisi.

Generally it is the groom who plays it on behalf of the couple.


Only at the very end of the religious ceremony, just before the blessing, that relatives can:

  • Say a few words;
  • Read an address;
  • Recite a psalm;
  • Offering a profane text in homage to newlyweds.

Civil marriage

  • During a civil marriage, the rules are less strict. Certainly you have to bend to reading articles of law rather dry, but this hard stage within ten minutes.
  • The officiant, especially if it is a designated person (*) can say a few words at the location of the intending spouses. This is also a very nice touch.
  • Once read articles and documents signed, nothing prevents you to make an address to the attention of the newlyweds. Often, they will be more relaxed and more receptive to the words spoken. After all, the ‘stressful’ part of the ceremony is behind them.

Again, significant people for newlyweds must accomplish this task, pleasant besides.

At the reception

When receiving, relatives (parents, members of the procession, friends) can say a few words in honor of the newlyweds, whatever the type of ceremony.

They can:

  • Improvise (if they are comfortable with this exercise);
  • Read a text of their own;
  • Recite the words of a love song.

Rules to follow

Whatever the chosen texts, or compound, two golden rules must be observed:

  • They must be short (three to four minutes on average, but never more than eight). Surely you do not want to have guests sleep (already it will be difficult to silence them!);
  • Avoid too intimate details or anecdotes that might embarrass the couple. Remember, you are not there to humiliate, but to honor them.

The wedding speech

Traditionally, the wedding speech is the responsibility of a family member (father, mother, brother, sister), the boy or the (the) lady (s) of honor or close friends. It can be delivered …

  • At the end of marriage
  • During the wine reception
  • When receiving

It must be unique, sincere, personal and above all, well prepared.

Read it aloud, slowly. Do not try to memorize it. You will need your sheet. But do not keep constantly downcast eyes. Look at the crowd regularly, even if it intimidates you. Remember: you are surrounded by friends … forgiving.

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