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Quitting Smoking – You Pull Your Pants On One Leg At A Time, Don’t You?

Having helped over 2,000 to quit smoking I believe I have heard every possible reason for not being able to quit.

My response to these excuses, which are keeping people trapped, is often very similar.

“What is special about you?” If people all around the world are quitting smoking what is so special about you that prevents you from quitting.

Most people have stress in their lives, most feel bored at times and everyone likes to relax at the end of a busy day.

So what makes you so different from the millions who don't need a cigarette to do it?

You pull on your pants one leg at a time just like everyone else with two legs! “But you don't understand I'm having a tough time in my life”

I see smokers in Brisbane Australia, which means none of them live in a war zone, or a refugee camp or are walking several kilometers each day to find water.

Yes they may have stress, or tragedy in their lives, they may hate their jobs or argue with their spouses or children, but none of these things are uncommon, yet 80% of adults don't need a cigarette to manage how they feel.

I challenge you to stop and think when a cigarette really helped you. I mean really helped, not just distracted you for a few minutes, but solved a problem, or made you feel better, or resolved a conflict.

We both know the answer is never. And that's not surprising. Nowhere in history has a drug ever solved anything, because it all just keeps on running in the background.

The only thing that smoking has ever achieved is adding more problems to the lives of those sucking in the fumes. Financial, health and the social costs are huge. I'm sure I don't have to tell you.

So what about you, what do think about smoking, and how well do your excuses stand up to scrutiny. Imagine a stranger hearing your reasons for smoking, do you think they would agree with you or maybe think you were deluding yourself!

Of course all humans are masters of self-delusion, and some of these delusions are easier to see than others. At least when you stand by the bin in the street away from the cafes with strangers who are also smoking you can share in a common delusion about your need to keep smoking.

Source by Ian Newton

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