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Purchasing a Dryer Vent – A Great Option For You

It is seen that a large number of fires are caused by faulty dryer vents. If the dryer vent is not cleaned or maintained in a proper manner then this can cause large scale damage to your home property. Various professional cleaners are engaged in this business who can surely help you in cleaning the vent. If you are facing problems then you must surely contact them in order to avoid any mishap. You must know that the clothes dryer basically helps in dryer your clothes with the help of hot air that is produced by electricity. It is delicate equipment that is why you must take proper precautions while you are operating it.

While purchasing the dryer vent there are various important things that you must surely keep in mind. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. Things to keep in mind while purchasing dryer vent

Some important thing that you must keep in mind while purchasing the vent are carbon monoxide seepage, excessive energy costs, mold development and fire hazard. In order to prevent fires, it is essential for you to get your dryer serviced and cleaned at least once in a year. As your product becomes old, the lint deposited on the surface would cause restrictions in the airflow passage. This can also be prevented with the vent is cleaned on regular intervals. If you use the dryer almost every day then you must prevent the leakage of carbon monoxide.

2. Safety tips to prevent fires

There are various tips and tricks that you must use for preventing fire in the dryer vents. Some of them are mentioned below.

• The lint trap of the vent should be cleaned before very dryer cycle.

• The vent should be inspected and cleaned by professionals at least once every year. This would help in prevent mishaps.

• The exit of the exhaust pipe would be inspected properly in order to see whether lint as accumulated on it or not.

• Metal and foil connectors would never be used.

• It is advisable for you to install carbon monoxide detector and fire detector just next to the vent.

• The exhaust pipe should never be longer than 20 feet.

If you really want to prevent fire hazards then it is best for you to take all the preventive measures from before. The precautions would make your dryer vent complete safe and secure.

Source by Louise Harman

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