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Planning a Wedding Around a Blush Colored Wedding Dress

Blush colored wedding gowns are one of the most exciting new wedding trends. They are romantic, yet unique, non-traditional, yet timeless. Matching your flowers, wedding accessories, and bridesmaid dresses to a blush gown can be a little harder than matching them to a standard white bridal gown. Find out how to plan your wedding around a blush colored wedding dress.

When you have chosen a blush colored wedding gown, it will affect all of the other color choices in your wedding. While white goes with everything, blush does not. However, blush does combine beautifully with a number of other hues. It works particularly well with low-contrast colors to create a faded vintage look. If you wish to wear a veil with a blush gown, a soft cream or ivory tulle will work well. Bright white just won’t go, but matching the blush color in tulle could be a bit odd looking. A cream veil will flow softly into the blush color of the gown without totally blending in.

An important color choice you will have to make is about your bouquet colors. A soft, romantic bouquet will be ideal. You could carry garden roses in shades of peach, apricot, pale yellow, and soft pink. Tie it with a cream satin bow to complete the bouquet. It can also look nice to add touches of soft green as a contrast to the warm flower hues. Add some green hydrangeas or silvery-green lamb’s ear foliage for a beautiful effect. Another option is to carry a creamy ivory bouquet of cascading orchids. The flowers will stand out nicely from the color of your gown.

Choosing bridesmaid dresses can be a bit tricky when you are not wearing a white or ivory bridal gown. There are several directions that you can consider to pair with a blush gown. One idea is to play up the faded vintage style by dressing your attendants in chiffon dresses in a tea stained color. When you stand together, it will look almost like you have stepped out of a colorized black and white photograph – so pretty. Vintage inspired crystal bridesmaid jewelry will complete their attire.

Another option is to choose bridesmaid dresses in a color that will contrast with your blush gown, such as robin’s egg blue. They will look pretty in the pictures surrounding you, and you as the bride will still “pop” in the group photos. Clear crystal bridesmaid jewelry will look very nice. Keep the flowers simple; all ivory will be ideal. It would be lovely to use a pale blue velvet ribbon around the bride’s bouquet to help coordinate the group. Or you could take your inspiration from the royal wedding, and choose ivory bridesmaid dresses. Paired with a blush wedding gown, it will make a very interesting look. As long as the bridesmaid dresses are fairly simple and your blush gown has an interesting silhouette or details, there is no danger that they will upstage the bride in their ivory dresses.

Blush colored wedding gowns are likely to be a trend with staying power. They are so romantic and feminine that brides are flocking to them. It is very fun to design a wedding around such a fabulous wedding dress.

Source by Bridget Mora

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