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Personal Wedding Favors

There are couples who think about their wedding day and they usually ask themselves, “What are we going to leave behind to our guests? What will make them remember us and this special moment?” Besides the memory and pictures taken that day, of course we are talking about something tangible, a material gift that you will give out to your guests at the end of your wedding day; these are called wedding favors. You have a lot of choices when it comes to picking up the best favors that will suit you, your partner, and the event.

But one aspect that you need to focus on when thinking about the give-aways is that it must be personal. You don't want to give out something that has a little worth or none at all; your guests are there to witness a once-in-a-lifetime event in your life and that would mean that they treat you and your partner as someone special. With that, you have to return the favor by giving them something personalized.

Wedding favors can be in a form of a thank you card, which is categorized as the easiest and the simplest way of showing your gratefulness to your guests; you can also design it on your own to add a personal touch to it. Another suggestion would be that of a key chain – although you can't do it yourself, you can still add a personal touch to it by engraving your name together with your partner's name on it.

Wedding favors can also be in a form of containers like jewelry boxes or just something that your guests can use for safekeeping. Boxes are easy to design so you can use a little bit of your imagination and design it on your own. Take note, the more you do it yourself the more you will save money since you will not pay for the labor.

One more thing that you can consider when choosing your favors would be to showcase something that you and your partner share. An example of this is when the both of you are into photography, then you can have little cameras as key chains or pendants or even jewelry boxes cut in a camera shape. If you and your partner are sports-minded, it will be a great idea to give out basketball shaped cupcakes.

Deciding on what to give out to your guests can be a fun journey for you and your partner so don't waste time thinking of that personalized stores can do for you when you can actually do it yourself. You will just need to put on your thinking cap and be ready to bring out your creative side, this will be a joyful event for you and your partner as you prepare something that your guests will cherish. Don't forget to search for more ideas on the internet or from someone you know who has an idea in designing. Enjoy your journey!

Source by Brenda L Hopkins

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