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Party Planning Checklist – The Importance of Party Planning Checklists

Organizing a party entails a lot of time and effort especially on the one hosting it. It is essential therefore to have a party planning checklist of what needs to be done and a timetable of when they should be done. Doing this would definitely make things easier for you.

The primary thing on top of your party planning checklist should be the budget. First and foremost, you need to have a budget for the party in order to determine how many guests you can invite. That is why the guest list should be the second thing on your party planning checklist. Once you have finalized the number of guests then you will know how many invitations you will need.

You should have a timetable regarding the invitations as well. When to buy or make them, when to write or print out the guests' names, and when to send them out is all about proper timing. It is customary to send out invitations no less than three weeks prior to the party. This way, the guests will have around two weeks to RSVP. Making another list of those who were invited and those who have confirmed may also be useful.

Another thing on your party planning checklist should be the location of the party. It is necessary to make inquiries on the possibility of renting a place especially if you are not yet certain as to where the party will be held. Make phone calls and ask for quotes regarding this possibility. You need to know how much it would cost to rent these places and how much more it would cost if it includes serving food and beverages. If everything is within your budget then you will need to put the location in your party planning checklist.

A reminder of when to book and confirm your reservation is crucial. If the quote is too high for your price range then you always have the option to celebrate the party in the comfort of your own home. You will then need to make a decision if you will prepare your own food and drinks, which calls for another query as to the cost of food, drinks and other supplies or hire a caterer instead. If you decide on the latter then you will need to make another inquiry regarding this alternative.

You may as well include the party supplies in your party planning checklist. Besides the food and drinks that you will be serving your guests, you need to purchase plates, utensils, cups, and napkins. If you are renting a tent with some tables and chairs then this should likewise be added in your checklist. If you wish to provide your guests with party favors, you need to do another research on this matter, like what kind of party favor and how much it would cost.

All the information you have written in your party planning checklist is vital in preparing for a party. This could likewise help you be organized and systematic. All you really have to do is follow every detail that you have included in your checklist and your party will go on without a hitch.

Source by Robert W Mollers

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