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Parents Anniversary Speech – Top Tips on Giving a Speech on Your Parents Anniversary

Your parents’ wedding anniversary is a very special occasion, so you’ll want to help make it memorable by saying the right things. Those golden words that your parents will take with them long into those golden years together. The problem is clear, though. You want it to be words that will linger in their hearts and minds forever, but you haven’t a clue as to what to say. Not to worry, favorite child of your parents. Help has arrived, and you have but to read on to be enlightened on what to say for this landmark event. After this, your parents’ anniversary speech will be a walk in the park.

The first thing you need to remember is that your parents’ anniversary speech needs to sound natural, to flow like a normal conversation. This means no short sentences all chopped up into little bits, and peppered throughout your speech. Having natural sounding sentences that flow like a mountain river will help you gain more confidence as you deliver your parents’ anniversary speech, so you won’t have to worry afterward about waking some of your audience up.

Then, you want to focus on the actual writing of the speech. Humor is the main point. Having some comedy in your speech will keep it lively, so that people will enjoy listening to your parents’ anniversary speech. One liners are good, because they are quick lead-ins to other parts of your speech, and can help when you reminisce about the funny moments you share with your parents. Your audience will hang on every word, not wanting to miss out on anything that they can use at the next social gathering. But, aside from the humor, the absolute most important topic to bring into your parents’ anniversary speech is all those terrific times your parents have had being married, and how they are an inspiration to all those longing for lasting marriages.

This, then, is the most important point to cover, both in this article as advice to you, but also when you sit down to prepare to write the actual parents’ anniversary speech itself. Talk about the good points in your parents’ married life together. These thick and thin stories are the stuff that memories are made of, relationships are strengthed by, and inspiration is dispensed to all those within sight and sound of you as you relate the beautiful times of your parents’ lives together. Even better would be adding how they helped you during your own marriage’s thick and thin times. Guests who listen to your parents’ anniversary speech will walk away inspired and uplifted to strengthen the bonds in their own lives, with each other and their own children.

No speech would be delivered with more emotional power and impact if you follow these small but effective words of wisdom about delivering a memorable parents’ anniversary speech.

Source by Stephen Mccoy

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