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Original Designs and Ideas For Wedding Pens

Pens are very popular gifts to give to your guest at your wedding they also are important implements to be used in concert with other wedding items such as a wedding guest book. The great thing about these writing utensils is that they are useful, versatile, and can be made to match any theme you can think of for your nuptials. They are also cheap to buy, but where do you start? These gifts are very easy to customize so you can end up not knowing what to decide as your design. Here are 5 great ideas to help you get started.

First, think about the ideas you have for your wedding. What is theme? What are the designs or images you want to use. If you have already decided on the decorations for your reception, use that as a great starting place. Having your wedding favors, pens in this instance, match the decor of your nuptials is always a great idea. It creates a harmony between the theme of your ceremony and the gift helping to convey the message or special meaning you want to share with your guests.

Another great idea is novelty pens. These are pens that have multiple functions. These were pretty popular a while ago and will be especially popular with younger guest and the men that come to your wedding. There are several types that you can choose from. For example, you can get a pen that has an FM radio or one that comes with cool lights. These pens are not only original and interesting; They are also easy on your budget.

Also make sure you are aware of the different ways you can customize or personalize a pen. You can use photos of you and the groom. Or images for the theme you are using. You can even use short messages of thanks or an inscription with the date of your marriage. The point is to combine these options in ways that grab the attention of your guest while avoiding being too tacky or unoriginal. Use your sense of style and balance to find what works.

Another idea is the style of pen used. Pens are not only customizable, the come in a plethora of styles. They can come in the classic ball point, fountain pen, or the novelty pens I mentioned. A classy style pen is great for groomsmen gifts, the guest book, and more intimate occasions. The regular Bic style pen is great for favors at receptions and other wedding events with a big number of guests.

Think outside the box. The ideas I mentioned are just guides to get you thinking about all the possibilities and what will work for you. Look for inspiration in any place you can find it. One of the most surprising sources of ideas is your everyday surroundings. A college of my sister's is a professional landscaper so she used her job for a lot of her ideas for her wedding and gifts. So look for anything interesting or unique in your surroundings. Even the everyday things can be given a spin when applied as an idea to your wedding. The entire point of picking a theme or idea to base your wedding on is to reflect who you are as a person and as part of a future married couple. Keep this in mind and your picks for pens or any other type of gift will be successful.

Source by Aaron Hu

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