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Oprah's Crucial Question to Eckhart Tolle, Author of A New Earth – What Happens to Us at Death?

To my surprise while watching the online class with Oprah and Eckhart Tolle as they covered chapter 3 of the book A New Earth, I noticed a powerful question Oprah asked was somewhat evaded and brushed off by Eckhart.

The 55 page transcript to the 90 minute online class by way of skype contains details from "Mm-hmmm" to "Yeah" among other forms of expression. So by no means is there a typical lack of attention to detail. On the contradiction as the transcripts typically print absolutely everything, including the broken speech patterns, interjections, and interruptions that occur while Eckhart and Oprah converse.

On page 52 there is a crucial question that Oprah made, which can also be seen on the video.

Oprah: 'That which is beyond death. Jesus called it eternal life. "

Eckhart Tolle: "Eternal life"

Oprah: "Mm-hmmm"

Eckhart Tolle: "Yeah"

Oprah "So you believe what happens to us at death, when the body dies? You do not have a belief."

Tolle: "I do not give it any thought."

Oprah: "You do not."

Tolle: "No"

Oprah: "Well, did you ever think about it Eckhart?"

Tolle: "I know that the essence of who I am, which is the essence of who you are, is indestructable … … energy never gets destroyed. It can only transform."

Interestingly, Tolle, who is a deeply spiritual man, prefers to focus on the now rather than the concept of the timeless. Regarding "eternity" as merely a religious abstraction and creation to somehow define that which is timeless, Tolle rather gives attention to the invisible and formless life within.

Tolle's who parents both died within the space of a few months, came to realize the essence of being goes beyond the physical body or "shell" that clothes the inner life. Given the fact Eckhart first held hold of a New Testament at his mother's place and the author often quotes, Jesus, there is a strong likelihood that Eckhart is a Christian. Yet Tolle is careful to never reveal his own personal beliefs, preferring to transcend such and refer to God as the Source of all life.

Oprah also having a strong Christian heritage, pressed Eckhart further asking him: "And when the form itself is lying there in the casket, that timelessness has gone where?"

Tolle replied, "Transformed to– Either to join with the Source, or to go through further experiences, experiences of awakening."

The Source as I see it (and believe Oprah and Tolle do as well, though they may not say it considering they do not want to offend or alienate people of other religious beliefs) God Almighty. As for the "further experiences" such from a Biblical point of view could be hell, separation from God, and / or innumerable scenarios while the spirit within further awakens and developments.

Curiously, Tolle who acknowledges the whole concept for his book A New Earth came from a passage in the Bible, has not yet acknowledged who is ultimate Source of life is.

The Scripture that prompted Tolle's inspiration and book is Revelation 21: 1, which says: "I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away."

The entire book of Revelation written by John the apostle, was given to John by His Source Jesus Christ (Revelation 1: 1).

It seems Oprah is aware of the Source and through her questioning has been endeavored to get Tolle to reveal the same.

Source by Paul Davis

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