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My Ashley – A Poem Written For My Daughter Before Her Wedding Day

I rarely write poetry–only when inspired by something that deeply affects me. In this one, it is my only daughter–Ashley Shannon. And if there are two things that inspire feelings in me, they are my daughter and my son. Well, my little girl’s not so little anymore. She’s getting married. As my children grew up, it was basically the 3 of us against the world. But we made it–together. And now, she’s got a fiance whom she’ll soon marry, making him an official part of our family. I love her and want the best for her, although in my eyes, she’ll always be my little girl. So I wrote this the morning of her bridal shower to go in her card, and read it aloud because she couldn’t make it through aloud. Very few dry eyes remained after I read this simple little set of stanzas. And she will always be, “My Ashley.”


My Ashley


My darling daughter, Ashley,

I just want you to know

wherever your life takes you,

my heart shall also go.

When I learned that you were coming,

it was a wonderful night!

But little did I know, my child,

you’d become my guiding light.

I held you and I raised you,

kissing life’s pains away;

but now there’ll be another

starting with your wedding day.

So go into the world, my love,

and chase all the joy you can.

Just remember you’re still mine, dear Ash.

I’m just sharing you with that man.

I wish you all life’s happiness, love,

though now it’s with another.

But always remember–never forget,

no one will ever love you…like your mother.

Best wishes with all my heart, Mom

Source by Shannon Smith

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