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Museums of Krosten

Korosten is one of the ancient's towns in Ukraine. There are three largest museums in Korosten – museum of local lore, amateur ethnographic museum and technical Museum.

Museum of local lore. It was recently refurbished. Effective from 1924 it was the first museum in the city, where worked enthusiasts, known in Ukraine scientists – archaeologists, ethnographers, historians: Fedor Kozubovsky (the first director of the museum), Konstantin Cherv, Nicephorus Dmitruk. Later, in the 30's, they were repressed. During the Great Patriotic War museum was destroyed. A new exhibit opened only in 1987. There are 20 thousand units of artifacts, which tell us about the nature and history Korosten edge of the ancient times to the present day. After excavation of the Red hills in 2001-2004, the museum received in the collection of unique finds – a large collection of pottery VI-X centuries BC, and unique jewelry that are worn ancient women.

Two kilometers from the museum is an amateur ethnographic museum. There are Poleskie rural artifacts and collected vintage houses of Polesie of the XVIII century with all the household goods, inherent in that period. This exhibit inspires admiration to the modern town dwellers, because it allows everyone to travel back in time two centuries ago, to feel the atmosphere that prevailed in the shelter of their rural ancestors.

Technical Museum operates the locomotive depot. It is accredited by fans of the history of technology, who come here from all over Europe. Connoisseurs of antiquity technology from Germany, Britain visit Korosten to rent here early twentieth century steam locomotive and ride it to the railway triangle Korosten-Zhitomir-Kiev-Korosten.

All outstanding museums Korosten are distance of 1-2 km from each other. Thats why all of them can be viewed in one day. If you do not like to walk a lot, a taxi will help you.

Source by Andrew Fedorov

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