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Marriage Compatibility of Taurus With Scorpio

Marriage ceremonies in India are celebrated with all the fun and excitement. Each marriage function in the family brings along with it, a number of colours. The cultural and the religious decorations, fill the whole ambience of the house with ethnicity and cultural values. Also, the different kind of sweets and dishes add flavour to the whole atmosphere and turn it more lively and cheerful. Marriage in itself is a great celebration, which in many ways is the beginning of a new life for both the bride and groom. There are many dreams and imaginations attached to the wedding ceremony and the marriage life as a whole. The bride and the groom, from the very starting of their life, have the picture of their ideal life partner in mind, which everyone wants to turn true. Other than the life partner, there is a specific pattern and a style in which they want their marriage ceremonies to be performed.

Wedding dress and the whole wedding arrangements, also form an important part of the desires and the dreams, which bride and groom, see from their childhood and want their marriage functions to be designed accordingly. To ensure that the marriage bond, formed between the bride and groom, sustain its strength forever. Also, that they do not face any major problems in their married life, matching the horoscope compatibility between the two, is considered as a very important step towards the achievement of a happy married life. Therefore, almost all the marriages in India, are conducted, post the matching of the horoscope compatibility between the zodiacs of the bride and the groom. The culture of matching the horoscope, before marriage is followed in the Indian houses, from long back, which again stresses on the believe that the Indians have in this process. This somehow, makes them sure that the married life of their children will move gracefully and have no barriers in between.

We started with matching the compatibility of Aries with different sun- signs, now in Taurus series, comes the turn of matching the marriage compatibility of Taurus with Scorpio. The marriage bond of a Taurus and a Scorpio can turn out to be highly successful, because of the high level of attraction, possessed between the two sun- signs. A Taurus and a Scorpio, have very less in common, but if they get to find a common platform, then their bond of marriage, can turn out to be the best of the matches between the two zodiac signs. In fact, the common traits between the two can turn out to problematic sometimes. Like the stubbornness and the possessive attitude of a Taurus is well known, but actually a Scorpio is more emotional and prone to possessiveness. Both of them are very emotional, which can again turn out to be positive as well as negative for the married couple. Their inability to express themselves well, can lead to frustrations and hitches in the marriage relation.

Both the Taurean and the Scorpion are extremely devotional and loyal towards each other and their marriage bond, which adds more strength to the relation. A marriage life requires the elements of space, understanding and expressiveness, to be able to breathe properly. Therefore, the Taurean and Scorpio couple needs to learn to express themselves at times, to avoid misunderstandings and hiccups in their married life. This would not only help them understand each other in a better way, but will also give them chances to spend more time with each other, leading to a happier and a beautifully cherished married life.

Source by Gurleen Kaur

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