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Mapping a Crazy Business Idea

Idea and Imagination Mapping help Boost Your Business Success

In days of old, inventors and innovators acted quickly on ideas that could form the foundation of something transformational for the world. Great thought leaders such as Henry Ford, Dale Carnegie and Mark Zuckerberg are three heros that come to mind. Their secret was in their courage to map out their crazy ideas even in the face of opposition.

More people than ever are leaving traditional jobs by choice or involuntarily and moving into the realm of business ownership. Facing intense odds at success, those who are leaving the corporate scene and starting their own companies, are doing what it takes to make their dream a reality. The secret to success, I believe, is found in the skill of idea mastery or imagination mapping.

The Law of Attraction is a very powerful self-help tool that has proven correct time and again. It focuses on your ability to imagine the success or appearance of something into your reality, well before the actual, tangible entry of the thing into your life. This requires a strong belief system in the process of creating your own reality.

When thinking of starting a business, it's so important to use this concept when creating a branding strategy that sticks and is time-tested. We will start with three of my favorite skills for mapping your imagination and creating a business you love.

The first strategy I want to talk to you about is mind-mapping. This is like the “Swiss Army Knife” of your mind and helps you to see in living color and flow, rather than reading in a linear format. I use crayons and markers. Sometimes I use the glittery star stickers you can get at the dollar store. The creative brain is where your idea will start to take form in your mind. So the first step is to get to the store and buy some markers and crayons. Pick up some white paper while you are there. Create on each sheet of paper, 1 thing you which to create or manifest as it relates to your brand and business.

The second strategy I have is to use the mind map to see if your idea has an emotion or thought attached to it. If you are wanting to start a bakery, for example, you may only have thoughts. But, if you are wanting to start a coaching business, you may encounter emotions. I separate these two concepts by using a heart to represent emotions, and a light bulb to represent a thought.

Finally, make it real. Announce to the world that you have a new idea and are working on your mind map. Tell the world as if it is already in your life experience. Remember, you have the ability to co-create your life just as you want it to be.

Your ideas are such an important part of your personality brand and your business brand so give them a chance to shine.

Source by Carla Wynn Hall

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