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Making Money Ideas Work For You in 10 Easy Steps

Has your business survived the recession?

The current economic downturn has equalized the playing field for online marketers and businesses that have lived stand to make a handsome profit. Continue reading to learn how making money ideas that adapt to the new rules can lead to more profits.

Out with the old and in with the new.

Just because your business has survived the recent recession does not necessarily mean that everything should stay the same. Changes in the overall market arena means that your business needs to continue to grow and adjust to these changes.

Follow these new rules:

1. Tighten up your niche – Reevaluate your desired targeted customer base and be sure that your marketing message is speaking to them specifically.

2. Protect your reputation – Nothing can bring a business down faster than a lack of trust from the consumers. Follow through on all promises made.

3. Curiosity may have killed the cat but … – Inciting curiosity in potential customers is a great way to grab their attention and hold it. Create messages designed to arouse their curiosity and make them want to learn more.

4. Teach do not sell – Today's consumers are looking for education, information and entertainment when they search for products or services. Yesterday's heavy-handed sales approach will not work.

5. Connect on a personal level – Design your marketing messages to illicit an emotional response and connect with the consumers on a personal level. Remember that most purchases are made based on emotion, not logic.

6. Direct mail marketing – Instead of investing increasingly more money in online ad campaigns such as Adwords, consider a direct mail campaign instead. Purchase mailing lists that are highly targeted to your desired customer base.

7. Answer the "Why?" – Make sure your message includes the answer to why someone should purchase your product or service instead of the competition's.

8. Two step lead generating – Using a two-step strategy for gathering leads can help you to attract pre-qualified potential customers. Offer a free introduction, free information, etc. Designed to target those serious about buying a product or service and weed out those who are not.

9. Be real – In your communications with your customer base (emails, newsletters, blogs, etc.) use a reality-based system of marketing. The majority of information you provide should be content that your customers can learn from and use. Earn your customer's trust first and they'll be happy to buy from you.

10. Let them know who you are – Providing real contact information can go a long way in building your customers' trust. Include specific information on how to contact you beyond a simple email address.

Seems like a lot of work?

Actually if you are running a successful business opportunities are you have already incorporated most of these rules for making money ideas that work. Simply take a step back and make an honest assessment of your marketing message to be sure it fits in with today's new rules.

Source by Anita De Santiago

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