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Make Your Small Wedding Unique, Fun, and Memorable

Being practical is the trend nowdays. If you can do something without spending too much, then by all means go for that route. This is true even with weddings. Couples would rather save on the expenses for the wedding and use the money instead to invest on a new home, a car, or items to furnish their house. However you look at it, this is definitely a smart move. Beside, small weddings do not needlessly have to be very plain or ugly. There are creative and unique ideas that you can implement on your wedding to make it fun and extraordinary. These simple wedding ideas can help you out

The Ceremony

Most religious would still want to be wed in a church, which is officiated by their priest or minister, but if this is really not that important for the couple, then you may consider having a civil wedding ceremony. This way, you do not have to worry about dressing the entourage, decorating the church, hiring a choir, and finding an available schedule. Civil weddings are just as legit and binding. In addition, it is a very private affair, making your wedding more special close close friends and family.

The Venue

As mentioned, small weddings need not be plain. If you hold the event in a beautiful garden, in a tent by the beach, or in a ranch, your backdrop will be so naturally amazing that your wedding pictures will be the envy of everyone. Having your wedding in these venues will also cost you less, considering that you can have the reception in the same area too.

The Invitations

You can make your own wedding invitations and announcements instead of hiring the services of a wedding shop. This will make your invitations more special since they have your personal touches. Since you are only having a small wedding, you can handwrite the invitations and paint them individually to make each one unique. Here is a great idea. If you are having a beach wedding, send flip-flops along with your invitations, so that your guest will be beach-ready once they arrive at the venue.

The Souvenirs

A good souvenir idea is to give your guest a photo of them taken during the wedding. You can send these to them along with your thank you note or you can hand the photos during the event itself. Photo booths have become a growing trend now, that you can see them in almost all kind of celebration. The couple can take some time to have a photo with their guests and scribble a personal message on it.

The Reception

Reception used to be timed at noon or in the evening so that lunch or dinner can be served. Today, since most weddings are done after lunch, foods at reception usually consist of finger foods or snacks that the guests can nibble on while celebrating the recent union. This can make the affair very casual and fun, which is what wedding receptions should be.

These small wedding ideas can make you have the most beautiful wedding in the company of your closest friends and relatives, without burning a hole in your pocket. The private venue and small wedding party will make the event special, solemn, more meaningful, and memorable for the couple and their guests.

Source by Kevin Wynn

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