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Life in Portugal: Conventional Portuguese Wedding Presents

Portuguese weddings are predicted to be remarkable, showcasing a number of programs with meats, seafood, desserts, and high-quality beverages. If you have been invited to a wedding day in Portugal, then you need to obtain the ideal present. The newlywed few will love acquiring a present that represents the country’s regular wedding day customs. From funds to dinnerware and hand-embroidered linens, there are lots of possibilities to choose from.

Conventional Portuguese wedding day gifts should aid the newlywed few begin a dwelling with each other. Below are a several present suggestions to aid you out:


These items are a general staple in most wedding day registries. Make certain you get regionally hand-crafted Portuguese items. Quite a few suppliers provide 15th and seventeenth century reproductions manufactured from pure clay. Handmade ceramic dinnerware is a household tradition in Portugal. This European region is popular for its pottery and high-quality tile get the job done. The newlywed coupled will be happy to get traditional supper plates in timeless styles, dessert bowls designed for day-to-day use, and handmade stoneware teacup sets adorned with special facts.


These stunning parts of ceramic cookware permit for regular procedures of Portuguese cooking. Terracotta roasting pans, ceramic pots, and casseroles are applied extensively in the Portuguese delicacies. These items are readily available in all styles and kinds. If you are on the lookout for regular Portuguese wedding day gifts, consider getting a cataplana. This piece of cookware consists of two steel clam-shells that clamp with each other. The Portuguese people use cataplanas to increase the flavors of seafood.


The cash dance is one of the most well-liked wedding day traditions in Portugal. Male attendees fork out to dance with the bride, while female attendees fork out to dance with the groom. The bride’s exhibit is passed among the attendees to obtain cash, which will aid the newlywed few protect the wedding day expenses, fork out for their honeymoon, and even purchase a house of their personal. If you have not observed a wedding day present however, you can basically offer cash to aid the newlyweds begin their life with each other.

Portuguese Embroidery

Portuguese embroidered tablecloths and tray cloths make exceptional wedding day gifts. This region is renowned for stunning embroidery. Most items are characterised by natural beauty and simplicity, showcasing special facts and regular patterns. When you go procuring for a wedding day present, consider getting a regular linen tablecloth, a appreciate scarf, an embroidered rug, or a tray cloth with regular motifs these kinds of as brambles, bouquets, and leaves. A set of Portuguese desk linens embroidered by hand will unquestionably be cherished.

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