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Leather Photo Albums Make the Memories Last

Photo albums have been an English tradition for generations. Few heirlooms detail a family's history, record a wedding or mark a milestone like a photo album. The very best albums are made from high quality leather. It looks classy, ​​feels nice and lasts for many decades. Plastic and cardboard albums fade or get discolored easily. However, a leather album can be left on a coffee table to be enjoyed with no fear of damage from frequent handling. Also, it will protect your photos more thoroughly than any other type. They cost more, but they're worth it in the long run.

Types of Photo Albums

Leather photo albums come in a few styles. There are some that are polished and professional looking. Others have a more rustic, artisan look and feel. The pages may be hand-torn and hand-stitched to create an authentic handmade appearance. Full-grain leather with scars and imperfections makes the album appear aged.

Leather photo albums can be personally engraved to really accentuate the event. A wedding album could have the date and the names of the bride and groom engraved on the front cover. In fact, the front of the album can be engraved with a large image if you so desire.

Some albums close with a snap or buckle; others have a leather strap that is tied shut. They usually come in either a 12-inch square or an 8–inch by 11-inch format. The larger format allows more diversity when laying out the photos. A nicer album with the pages stitched in place can not have pages added to it. Some albums have ring binders so you can add new pages later. A one-inch ring can hold about 100 photos. A two-inch ring can hold up to 400. The non-expandable types require careful planning to make sure you do not run out of pages or have empties at the end.

Types of Leather

Leather is the hide of an animal that has been dried, tanned, processed and dyed. There are numerous types of leather used for making photo albums. The finest leather is full-grain. It is usually tanned and left in a more natural state than other types of leather. Top-grain, or split-grain, has an artificial grain pressed into one side. The other side is fuzzy. Suede comes from the inside piece of split-grain and is fuzzy on both sides. Shiny patent leather is covered with plastic. Napa leather is extremely soft. Naturally, the softest, most supple leathers cost more.

Leather Albums are Heirloom Quality.

Elegant leather albums are a perfect choice for weddings, graduations, births, anniversaries or any special occasion. Leather's long life makes it the perfect choice for a family heirloom that will be passed down from generation to generation. The extra cost is well worth it. A leather album also makes a great gift. You can have the album engraved ahead of time or leave it blank for the recipients to have engraved with something of their choosing. Either way, a leather album is a classy statement and a great way to preserve memories.

A Photo Album Provides backup for your Photo Files.

Digital photo albums are all the rage. Having your photos in a leather photo album assures that you will not lose them in a computer crash. In that case, you could always have the printed photos rescanned.

Source by Chris Mark Riley

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