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Learn How To Be On Top Of Google

Many people strive to learn how to be on top of Google. It is a journey that is worth embarking. Why is this? Well of course being on top of Google with a keyword phase that attracts traffic means that you are likely to be earning money.

If you have a website that is ranked at the top of Google and a number of people are typing in your keyword phrase you are targeting then that is powerful. You have people coming to your site on a daily basis. If your website offers great value in terms of information to help people and you can guide them to a valuable offer then you my friend are making money on the internet.

However I want to concentrate on the journey. There are learning points you will need to go through.

The first learning point is ignoring the information products out there that try to tell you that this is easy. How to be on top of Google is as simple as clicking a button or using the latest software. Believe me this is all hype as the lazy option does not exist. Learning this first point when will enable you to focus your mind on writing valuable content to push your site up the rankings.

The second learning point is to find the right keywords or keyword phrases to rank your web site. You need to learn to use phrases that are targeted to your website. So that if you are selling Indian dinner recipes then you should use phrases that are close to this.

Also you must ensure your phrase is something people are using to type into the search engines. I would suggest using keyword tools for this.

You also need to learn how to ensure that the phrase does not have too much competition. Again you can use keyword tools to review this.

This second learning point is a huge subject and it took me a long time to understand how to do this correctly. So I suggest paying money to learn how to find the right targeted keywords will be money well invested.

The third point to learning how to be on top of Google is to develop a plan to create content and drive traffic. The plan needs to be a monthly, weekly and daily plan. You may decide to write say one article a day and make 1 video a day. Over time the back links pointing to your website will be pushing your site up the rankings. Of course you need to make sure you set time as to keep to your plan.

So in summary I have highlighted 3 great ways to show you how to be on top of Google. To be honest it's not really hard to learn. It does take a little learning, some planning and I would say some small commitment to get the job done. However it is worth the journey because once you have achieved this then you will have constant traffic coming to your website resulting on a healthy income.

Source by Jim M Nariel

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