kody Elephant Ring Holder for Jewelry and Rings, Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Display

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This offbeat description was written by 2 very satisfied customers ages 6 and 8! ——– Ever wonder where to put your rings or rubber bands while you are pooping or cleaning dirty diapers? The Kody Elephant ringholder is sturdy yet probably won’t cause cancer. If you are not a total goofball, you may be able to figure out other things to put on it, even though the instructions do not list them. The size is bigger than a penny, smaller than a real elephant. And, its much heavier than a penny, lighter than a real elephant. Cannot be substituted for a real elephant at the zoo. The ringholder cannot run or pick up lumbers. It may not talk or make elephant noises. If you do not purchase one today, your girlfriend may leave you, or your friends may stop talking to you!Beautiful and functional, timeless design for holding rings, jewelry and other personal items
Pearl white with porcelain-like feel, sturdy made from non-toxic 100% food grade melamine
Affordable luxury gift for engagement, Valentines, anniversary, birthday, Christmas or Mother’s day
Fits easily into any d├ęcor including bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Keeps items safe yet accessible
100% customer satisfaction guaranteed stands 5.5 in tall and weighs 4.23 oz with limited warranty

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