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Keep Your Relationship Fit

Keep your relationship fit just as we do everything we can to keep our body in shape, fit and looking good. But what do we do about keeping our relationship fit, healthy and in shape? It's the same principles involved. Same as your body needs to be toned and shaped into the physique you want, it's the same with a relationship. You need to feed it with the right information, know where the extra layers of tension are starting to show, work on it. Build stronger bonds with communication.

If you were to pull a muscle in your leg, your mind knows that you need to stop and immediately apply ice to the area and possibly have your doctor take a look at it. It's virtually automatic. Feed the mind to automatically know what to do to help you sustain your relationship through difficult trials and tribulations that occur in any long lasting relationship.

Yes it is a lot of work to keep your relationship fit but so is going to the gym or running 1-5 miles a day to keep your body looking oh so good. So we find ways to workout and work through the sore muscles knowing it will pass after we stretch, cool down, take a hot bath and rest. We strive to reach that goal of a healthy body. We should also strive to maintain a healthy relationship. By exploring the numerous resources available to us, we can begin building our mental strength and focus. Your physical and mental relationship will vastly improve and strengthen for the test of time.

Source by Kat McPherson

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