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Just The Two Of You (Wedding Plans)

This is a wonderful idea for the young and old alike. Have you already had a big storybook wedding, and now it's just not the right thing this time around? Are you perhaps just two people who are tired of big crowds and loud parties? Perhaps you are an older couple that has all ready been through the hoop-la of the big wedding and family scene, and now it's time to just have some peaceful time together.

You can have that quiet and peaceful little wedding that has come to mind. Here are a few ideas to get you started on a wonderful journey together.

1. Arrange for the two of you to go on a boat cruise together. Chances are, there is a minister or someone of the such on the cruise ship that can perform a marriage. If not, simply choose a chapel that is nearby and when the little ceremony is over, you can head straight to your cruise getaway. Arrange with the ships captain and staff that this is your wedding and honeymoon with just the two of you and that you would like a quiet candlelight dinner for two, perhaps out on one of the decks at night, or even a private little table setting inside the cabin.

2. Rent a lodging cabin for the weekend or even for a week. Try choosing a destination that has some sort of catering involved or a location where there may be some small dinning/entertainment close by that would coincide with this idea. More likely than not, you can even have a tiny two tier cake made for the occasion. Arrange for a quiet candlelight dinner for two in your cabin quarters or a romantic table setting in a nearby restaurant, saving the personal wedding cake and a bottle of Champaign for later when you return back to the cabin.

3. This idea isn't quite as romantic as the first two, but it's different in it's own aspects. Elopement. After the private and secret little wedding, go to a local but sort of elegant take-out place. The two of you make the choices together at what you would like to order, and don't forget dessert. An elegant dinner needs dessert. After you have collected your take-out dinner, stop off and pick up a bottle of fine wine or Champaign. Now comes the interesting part. You and your partner take all of your collected goodies back home to where you will be living. Then lock yourselves in good and tight. Close the curtains and window blinds and take the phone off the hook. Set the table with two place settings, a nice tablecloth and candles. The sneakier and quieter you try to be, the more romantic it actually becomes. Go turn off the lights, light the candles, place the food and drink on the table. Now it's just you and your new spouse having a quiet, romantic, private little dinner for two, in the privacy of your own space. The after dinner honeymoon I'll leave up to your own imagination.

Source by Terrie Cogswell

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