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Inexpensive Wedding Reception Ideas to Help You Save on Your Wedding

Weddings need not be expensive. Somehow, it is not quite practical to be too extravagant on weddings and end up broke after the wedding. It does not always mean that you get pretty things because they are expensive. You can also have excellent yet inexpensive wedding reception ideas to make your wedding memorable and fun.


Most often, wedding receptions eat up the largest part of your wedding budget, and this is where couples are trying to cut cost also. There are actually lots of ways to cut cost in the reception especially if you just carefully plan everything. Planning your wedding as early as possible is one best way to stick to your budget when it comes to your wedding reception. Let us check how.


* Wedding Reception Venue. If you plan as early as possible, you get to choose which reception venues offer at least cheaper than the rest. You don't have to settle with the cheapest though. Try also to check the place, read some reviews and testimonials and make sure also that it is presentable. One of the inexpensive wedding reception ideas that you can  also do is to have a friend's backyard as your reception venue.


* Choosing the Time of Your Wedding can definitely affect your budget too. If you choose to have the wedding in the morning or midday, you do not have to spend much on the food like what you have to spend on dinner. You can offer some finger foods, appetizers and desserts instead of having a full meal. This for sure will save you a lot. If you prefer to have a dinner reception, you can still cut cost if you can find relatives or good friends who have the culinary skills to share.


* If you have family or friends who have skills in entertainment, you can also ask favor to host the wedding reception for you. Sometimes it does not require a professional to make the reception fun and enjoyable. Just make sure he knows the flow of the reception just the way you want it. You don't have to hire for DJ too. You can set up your own stereo and have a relative take charge of the music.


* If you really have a tight budget, reduce the number of guests. Do not anymore include relatives that you have not seen for a long time or friends back in college that you haven't talked to for quite some time.


* One of the inexpensive wedding reception ideas is to cut cost on the wedding reception decorations. Try to order locally available flowers and do not anymore get those imported flowers that require another cost. Settle with what is available in your area.


Cutting cost in your wedding with these inexpensive wedding reception ideas can be a practical way to spend your money. Indeed, there are many ways to plan your wedding reception according to your budget. All you have to do is a little creativity, a little research and some good friends who can help you with the celebration.

Source by Carolyn Anderson

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