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Inexpensive Wedding Favors Ideas

If your wedding is approaching fast and furious and the money is flowing out rather than in, do not panic. An inexpensive favor gift could be a glass jar.

You can ask friends, neighbors, and family to help out by donating glass jar or two. Wash the glass jars out in warm, soapy water to remove all the grit and grim from the inside and outside. Try not to use peanut butter jars or mayonnaise as some of your guests may have a nut allergy or egg allergy. Once the jars are washed and ready you can begin.

The glass jars can be filled with any goodie you like. You can try out some lentils or beans from a vegetarian store. Children and adults would love the jars filled with sweets or some good quality chocolate. You can fill the jars with some dog trees for dog lovers at your reception Brides can fill each jar with a few cookies in your wedding theme colors.

Depending on your wedding theme you can fill with sand from the beach and collect a few sea shells to fill the inside. Another idea for your glass jar wedding favors would be bath salts or beautiful miniature bath soaps in the most amazing scents and colors from stores like lush. If you are a teacher or have lots of nieces and nephews. You can ask the little ones to pitch in and help you out. A good idea would be to place glue and different color see through paper on the outside of the jar and glue and sprinkle with glitter. Then pop a little tea light inside and tie a ribbon around the jar as a holder.

Once you have filled your glass jars. Your thoughts may turn to the covering of the glass jar. Brides can select a fabric the same color as their bridesmaid dresses or a contrasting color. If your are having a Christmas wedding why not use a Christmas theme design. A Halloween design may in order for those couples brave enough to tie the knot on this day.

Spring colors, glorious autumn leaves, hot summer days. Any fabric you love you can use. Tie a ribbon around the jar as a handle.All done a perfect and inexpensive wedding favor idea from recycling materials.

Source by Kath Anderson

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