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Indian Marriage ceremony Rituals

India has always still left the western entire world in awe with its awesome wedding day rituals unusual in the modern-day entire world. Indian ceremonies are certain memory makers as bride and groom, as properly as their company are granted several hours of limitless exciting and merry-making.

Indian rituals rely on the bride and groom&#39s tradition and caste. The one particular-7 days weddings of the Punjabis differ a good deal from Christian weddings which only very last for a number of several hours which includes the ceremony and the reception. But no subject the variance in the rituals, all of these are aimed at offering a content lifetime for the married pair.

Below are some Indian wedding day rituals that have been passed on from one particular generation to another. Somewhere alongside the way, you will realize that even the western entire world has some of these traditions albeit with a distinct twist.

Development of pandal

Pandals are mini guest residences that are creatively designed from wood planks, bamboo poles and cloth. The pandal, which is developed only following the muhurtakal ritual planting, is adorned with bouquets and leaves.

Seeking the deity&#39s protection

The pair seeks the help and protection of Lord Ganesha. In the meantime, the household is loaded with merrymaking and the smell of sweets. The bride will get a magnificence treatment courtesy of floor haldi and chandan.

Chanting of Vedic hymns

Along with the chanting of Vedic hymns, the 7 days-long (occasionally 10 times) wedding day ceremony is characterised by the groom&#39s prayers to the Indian gods Indra, Varuna and Brihaspati. Incorporated in the prayers is the hope for a harmonious spouse and children lifetime as properly as fertility for the spouse.

Pani-Grahana, Asmarohana and Lajahoma

This Pani-Grahana tradition involves the groom grasping the hand of the bride as the bride faces west and the groom faces the east. Asmarahona or the treading of the stone is that aspect when the groom invokes that his spouse be as organization as a rock. On the other hand, the groom pours rice in the palms of his bride in the course of the Lajahoma. They both equally offer you the grains to Lord Agni.


This is a unification ritual where by the bride and groom circles close to the hearth, inquiring Lord Agni to unite them. They then progress with the 7 circumambulations to full the ritual.


This observe is very similar to the donning of the wedding day ring. In an Indian wedding day, the groom ties the thread to his spouse, who then wears it through her lifetime. This is accomplished following the circumambulation of the hearth. The auspiciousness thread vary, some wear it with diamond pendants whilst other individuals wear it on black beads with deity representations.

Griha pravesham

This is a customized which symbolizes the bride&#39s entry to her new household. The bride carries a pot with the wedding day hearth inside of.

These wedding day traditions have been acknowledged all more than the entire world to be sacred and the really devoted Indians comply with them. These customs and a lot more make Indian weddings unique and a sight to behold.

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