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Ideas for the Dream "Green" Wedding "You Have Always Wanted

Sometime ago I did an article on "Green" wedding ideas and thought it was time to revisit this very special and lovely kind of wedding.

If the eco-friendly environment reflects your personalities then combine your love and caring for the beautiful natural things around you to make it your very special day.

What better way to make your wedding meaningful, inspiring and unique then to "go green" in a way that shows you can have fun, share your love and make your own commitment to preserving the world around you?

Your green wedding plans should start with the engagement and wedding rings.

There are a few alternatives you can consider such as

Lab-created diamonds set in recycled gold.

Diamonds which are certified as "conflict-free" under the Kimberley Process. This is an ongoing effort to reform mining in Africa. Be sure you ask your jeweler about this.

Diamonds mined in peaceful Canada or Australia such as those from Brilliant Earth, Cred Jewelery, or Leber Jewelry's Earthwise line.

Vintage rings, such as a family heirloom or a great antique find.

Have old gold melted down and redesigned into a special ring.

One-of-a-kind wooden bands.

Any one of these ideas starts you on your way to a beautiful "green" wedding.

Let's start with your wedding invitations

Your first chance to show your guests that your wedding will be "green" is your wedding invitations.

Look for a printer who offers paper with a high percentage of postconsumer recycled content.

Check that the paper is missing metallic or plastic coating so it is less difficult to recycle.

Find opportunities to reduce the paper you use.

You might even use postcards or online invitations in the place of multi-envelope invitations.

Handmade, recycled, or plantable papers that are processed to be chlorine-free and printed with vegetable or soy-based ink would be great.

Making your venue choice

The tone for your wedding day is pretty much set by your venue choice.

As the cost of the venue is a good size portion of your wedding budget choose it wisely.

Try to find a location located close to you and your guests to help minimize travel.

How about having the ceremony and reception at the same place or provide eco-friendly transportation if this is not possible?

If the time of the year is right choose an outdoor setting and celebrate nature's beauty along with the beauty of your wedding day. This also brings the need for a lot of decorations.

Find a unique local venue such as botanical garden, organic restaurant, art gallery, "green" hotel, lovely park or the beach.

Get to the wedding in a chaffeured driven hybrid car, horse-drawn carriage or even a cycle rickshaw.

Your wedding attire

When you choose to go vintage you can update the look with accessories, a modern shoe and have the tailor make some changes to the style of your dress.

Accessorize with a pretty recycled bag and jewelry.

After the wedding donate your dress to a favorite charity.

IF you can, use all natural makeup and enhance your own natural beauty.

The dress fabric might be a lovely soft light cotton, silk, hemp or even bamboo may be found.

Men's suits and shirts can be found in organic materials like wool or cotton.

Your wedding decorations

When planning your flowers try to use a florist that uses locally grown flowers and recycles packaging.

Go for organically grown flowers.

Instead of cut flowers for the bridesmaids have them carry matching purses, muffs or silk flowers.

Have the decorations moved from the church to the reception if they are at different location.

Rather than paraffin or petroleum based candles use beeswax or soy-based candles.

Your place cards might be natural objects like lovely leaves if appropriate to your theme.

Do not forget that you can donate the flowers to a rest home or hospital after the day is over.

Time to eat and have a party

Make it clear with your caterer and baker that you want the event to be organic.

You might find an organic restaurant in your area that will do off-site catering.

Choose vegetarian dishes and seek out cruelty-free meats and wild fish and not farm grown fish.

Have the baker decorate your cake with beautiful organically grown flowers and do not use plastic toppers.

Do not use disposable drinkware, plates, flatware and linens but rent real glassware, flatware and plates.

Arrange any leftover food be taken to a food bank or shelter.

When capturing your wedding day memories

As you look for a photographer find one who provides digital proofs which will save chemicals and paper and ask your family and friends with digicams to share their photos online on a picture sharing website such as Pinterest.

Hope this will help turn your "green" wedding into a one in a lifetime event for you and your guests.

Source by Tiffany Cole

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