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Ideas For Fun Birthday Party Games

Games are an essential part of a birthday party. You can not expect your child's friends to sit quietly in a corner and talk about politics or the stock market – no, children will want to play and generally have fun. So the games in your kid's birthday part should be as fun and interesting as possible.

A great idea for a fun birthday party is Pin The Tail On The Donkey – yes, its one of the oldest games, but its also one of the most fun. It's a huge favorite, and a very simple game to plan, too. Simply draw and color a picture of a donkey before the party (or you can even print one out from your computer) – and make sure the tail is missing. Then with a few pieces of colored siring, make a fake tail, and your child's guests, while they are blindfolded, should take turns to 'pin' the tail back on the sheet of paper. The idea should be to get the tail as close as possible to the donkey's bottom. Whoever gets it the closest, wins the prize!

Another fun game for a birthday party is Hula Hoop. This works especially well if your part theme is the 50s or the 60s. Hula Hoops are easily available at most stores; see which of your kid's guests can hula-hoop the longest. This is a great game, especially for older kids and for young teens!

Musical Chairs is one of the eternal classics, when it comes to birthday party games. Simply set up a line of chairs, the number of which should be one short of the number of kids playing. Start playing music, and have the kids walk around, when the music stops, each child should sit down, and who is left standing is out. Then this goes on till there is just one player left – that player is the winner.

Source by Kathy Mercado

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