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Ideas for a Contemporary Wedding Ceremony

Some brides want nothing less than something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue. But for those who want to avoid the traditional wedding, there are ways to incorporate contemporary touches into all aspects of your big day.


Start with the save-the-date cards and invitations. Instead of a formal save-the-date card – asking your guests not to schedule anything else on your wedding day – why not have your message printed on a magnet? Your guests can stick that magnet on the refrigerator and avoid any scheduling conflicts. The magnet will be around a lot longer than a printed card.You can also easily add a contemporary touch to your invitations. For starters, you can design the invitation yourself, using your wedding colors and maybe a candid, outdoor photograph of yourself. For the word, choose a line of poetry or a quote that represents you. Or let the language reflect what brought the two of you together – like your mutual love of movies, your college days together or your love of the great outdoors. Just remember that contemporary invitations go beyond black type on white card stock. There is a whole big world of color, fonts and text from which to choose.

Wedding Themes

Even the ceremony and reception can break the mold of tradition. Instead of the white wedding gown and black tuxedo worn during a Saturday afternoon ceremony in the local church, why not consider a seasonal themed wedding? If autumn is your favorite season, why not get married under the changing leaves of an apple orchard or covered bridge? You may not be ready for an autumn gold wedding gown, but you could carry a bouquet of autumn leaves and mums instead of a traditional bouquet of roses.

It will be even easier to carry out your theme at the reception with fall colors, spotted candles and cornucopia centerpieces. If you love springtime, break out the pastels and beautiful flowers everywhere you look – in the bouquets, centerpieces and even the table linens. Employ the same color palette on the wedding party. Cummerbunds and bow ties come in a host of spring colors, as do bridesmaid dresses. And if you, the bride, want to add a touch of spring colors, add a sash or even pastel footwear.

If you are getting married in the summertime, enjoy a relaxed beach look. Wear a white linen dress with sandals. The groom can wear a Guayabera – a linen shirt often referred to as a Mexican wedding shirt. At the reception, add some tropical color to the scenery and dance to the sounds of Jimmy Buffet.

It is even easier to throw a seasonal wedding in the wintertime. If your wedding is in December, use poinsettias to decorate the church and the reception. Rather than tossing out the centerpieces after the reception, let your guests take home the plants. Use white twinkling lights to decorate the church and the reception hall. A little later in the month, you can plan a New Year's Eve or New Year's Day ceremony. Either way, pull out the black and white d├ęcor, sparkling silver touches and the champagne.


While some denominations will require a wedding ceremony in the church, most do not, leaving you a host of places to tie the knot. Do you have a favorite park where you could say your vows? Or how about an historic inn where your guests could stay and you could hold the ceremony and reception? If you live in an urban location, look at public buildings – city hall, the public library and even a university – for an alternative venue.


When it comes to the actual ceremony there are many ways to add a contemporary touch – even if you are getting married in a church as part of an otherwise traditional ceremony.If there are children in the picture, definitely make them a part of the ceremony . There is nothing written that says bridesmaids and groomsmen have to be adults. Let your daughters – or his daughters – serve as junior bridesmaids. Or maybe the bride would let her son walk her down the aisle. Find a place for children to be part of the service, rather than the audience.

You might also want to find a way to include your guests in the ceremony. Try handing unlit candles to all the guests. Then, when you light the unity candle, spread the flame beyond the immediate family. Ask guests to turn around and light the candles of those behind them, so lighting up the church.In the end, there are a many ways to pull off a beautiful wedding ceremony, as there are happy couples. Use these helpful tips and suggestions to plan your today.

Source by Leonard Duttecht

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