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How to Plan Tasteful Bachelorette Party Games

Not all bachelorettes prefer a “naughty night out”. We have plenty of nice bachelorette party games to keep the night filled with laughter & excitement! With our list of free bachelorette party games you will be sure to find what your looking for!

What’s in the bag?

Every women knows how hard it is to find what their looking for in their purse. Throw in a few oddly shaped items (we all know you have a few) and I bet you can’t figure out what they are without looking! Put on your thinking caps on for this bachelorette party game and dig in. Do you know What’s in the Bag?


– one large hand bag or purse

– 10 uniquely shaped items that remind you of the bachelorette

– enough paper and pencils, one for each player

– put each unique item into the large bag


lipstick, tampons, key chain, sunblock, etc.

How to play

1. At the beginning of this game, pass out a sheet of paper and one pencil to each player.

2. Tell each player to put their at the top and number the page from one to ten.

3. Each player gets one chance to reach in the bag and feel around for a short period of time without looking.

4. Without anyone seeing the answers, each player writes down their best guess of What’s in the Bag!

5. The player at the end of the game with the most correct answers of What’s in the Bag wins the game!

This clean bachelorette party game is more fun with weird shaped items that best describes the bachelorettes personality. With the help of the maid of honor to get more personal items, this could turn out to be one of your favorite bachelorette party games!

Bachelorette Bingo

This is your classic bingo game with a clean bachelorette party twist! This is one of our clean bachelorette party games that gets everyone involved!


– come up with 24 bachelorette related words

– write these specific words on a master list & keep handy

– create enough bingo cards for all players. Hint: bingo cards have 5 rows of 5.

How to play

1. Before the game begins, have all the girls fill in their bingo card using the master list of words. Be sure all players label the center block “free”.

2. Designate a game host to call out words randomly.

3. As each word is called out, players will cross out that word block on their bingo card.

5. First player who gets 5 across, down, or diagonally wins bachelorette bingo!

Unlike most of our nice bachelorette party games, this might take a little extra prep work, but it’s fun to watch all of your girlfriends compete against each other. Make it a little more exciting by throwing in some bachelorette party gifts for the winners.

Clean Bachelorette Scavenger Hunt

Why not have some clean competition before your big night on the town? Clean bachelorette party scavenger hunts are a great way to create an adventure with your closest BFF’s.


– put together a list of awkward things for your girlfriends to do and quirky items for them to collect.

– make a copy for each team

– decide where you want this scavenger hunt to take place either in a local shopping mall or maybe out on the town.

Examples Tasks

1. One Jock strap

2. Receipt for .75 cent worth of gas

3. One picture of a team mate & a fast food restaurant employee!

4. Gynecologist business card

5. A picture of a team mate kissing a bald man’s head.

Keep it clean,after all this is one of your nice bachelorette party games!

How to play

1. Divide the girls into two teams.

2. Appoint a team leader to keep track of all tasks completed.

3. Set a time and location spot for each team to report back to.

4. Tally up each task completed to determine the wining team.

5. Brag about your teams encounters.

If you have a way to capture your teams progress on video, it will make for great laughs watching it later after you have finished playing all of the other nice bachelorette party games!

Source by Jessica Simonds

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