How to Make Your Boyfriend Fall in Love With You

If you're dating a guy that you're crazy about, you're probably hiring he feels exactly the same way about you. Unfortunately that's not always the case and proclaiming your undying love, if he does not reciprocate the feelings, can lead to a lot of embarrassment and humiliation. If you are with a man that you believe is the one you are meant to be with, there are things you can do to increase your chances of him falling head over heels for you too. If you want to make your boyfriend fall in love with you remember there first and foremost to always be yourself.

Too many women, when they are trying to get a man to fall in love with them, become something they really are not. If the man has a serious addiction to football, the woman trying to impress him, will suddenly fall in love with the game too. Although the man may appreciate her interest to begin with, it will not take long until he realizes that her adoration for the game is just a show that she's putting on for his benefit. If you want to make your boyfriend fall in love with you, do not suddenly become interested in everything that he enjoys. You'll be much more appealing if you pursue your own interests and if you're honest about your opinion about things.

Along that same line, many women want to please a man they are attracted to and in an effort to do so they'll let him make all the decisions. This includes where they should have dinner and even what movie to watch. If a woman constantly tells a man that she does not care what they do as long as they are together, he's going to become bored very quickly. Men love a woman with her own mind. If your boyfriend suggests a movie and you can not bear the thought of sitting through it, tell him. Give him an alternative choice and explain that you think he'll enjoy seeing the movie he wants with one of his guy friends. Do not be afraid to state your honest opinion. When you do you immediately become more interesting to him.

Do not constantly keep an eye on him either. If you two are out at a party or social gathering, do not watch him like a hawk. This is especially true if he's talking to another woman. If you want to make your boyfriend fall in love with you, you want to show him that you are very self-confident. Men love confidence in a woman, and if he catches your eye when he's talking to another girl just smile at him and go back to the conversation you are already having. Do not pout afterwards either. If you do not bring it up, you've instantly created a defect attraction between the two of you. He'll love that you trust him and that you are not the type of woman who gets jealous.

Being yourself is incredibly important if you want to make your boyfriend fall in love with you. Do not lose who you are while you are trying to capture his attention. If you do that, he may fall in love with you, but it will not be the real you.

Source by Gillian Reynolds

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