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How To Make Wood Wedding Albums

If you really want to make a personal wedding gift, try giving something that you crafted by hand. Wood wedding albums are popular and useful because they last so long and have a natural, durable appearance. You can build these just like you would build any other book.

1. First cut two sheets of craft paper to the size of your wedding album; in this case we are making a 15-by-17 album.

2. Next cut two 1/4-inch sheets of birch plywood to this size, and glue the sheets of paper to the insides of each.

3. Cut one larger sheet of canvas fabric that is double the length plus four inches and one inch wider than the width of the wedding albums (in this case 34 inches by 18 inches). The additional fabric is for the binding area and overlap.

4. Apply glue to the back of the wood sheets and then apply the fabric to it, leaving a gap of four inches in between the two plywood sheets. Leave the overlap alone for now.

5. Cut a sheet of paper for the inside of the album that is 34-by-16 1/2 inches. Apply glue to the wood sheets, and then paste the paper to them, leaving a gap of four inches in between each. Fold the album closed slowly, marking where the paper creases, and then professionally crease with a ruler.

6. Apply glue to the inside edge of the album and wrap the fabric overlap tight around it.

7. Complete by hot gluing a small metal frame to the front.

This will create a truly custom memory. If you are interested in adding to this design, see examples of wedding albums for more ideas.

Source by Steven J. Smith

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