How to Make Colors?

Color and light has a vast relation with each other. We can’t see the colors without light. The intensity of color can Low and high with the help of colors. There is no abatement of colors around the universe so that if different things lost its colors then no doubt this world would become vapid or colorless and every thing will lost its attractiveness.

We can produce tremendous attraction by the reason of colors in our clothes, diet and the decoration of home and the proper use of color illuminate beauty in our environment because decoration can prominent through colors.

Languid place can made attractive by using the oppositional blends of colors and mixing the colors. It is important to understand the sense which produces from colors and to create expertise of their use is to use them practically. For instance, take the colors and brush and practically mix the different colors to produce a single color.

When the light of Sun passed through the prism then it split around. This process is called Prismatic Spectrum. If we put the Sun light on a white cover or screen from a distance of prism then we can see six different colors in the form of rainbow .From those three colors are primary, they are yellow, blue and red. These basic colors can’t produce from the amalgamation of other colors that’s why they are called primary. The next three colors such as Green, Purple and Orange are called secondary colors and they are produce by combination of two colors e.g.:

1) Yellow + Blue=Green

2) Blue + Red =Purple

3) Red + yellow= Orange

In spite of these primary and secondary colors, some colors are made through the blending of proximately colors which are called non-secondary colors. For example:

1) Yellowish green

2) Yellowish Orange

3) Blueness green

4) Blueness purple

5) Rubicund purple

6) Rubicund orange

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