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How to Get Your Guy to Do What You Want – Learn How You Can Train Your Man

It is not surprising that women want men who are caring, romantic, capable of sharing their feelings, and cares about her feelings too. They want responsible and committed men that help with the chores. Well ladies, if you want your man to change, you had better be ready to work for it. Getting your guy to do what you want is no easy task. But if you are up for it, it can be very rewarding in the end. Most men want to satisfy their woman’s needs. They want to be able to provide for them and look after them. People always say you cannot change a man but according to the experts you can guide men to do what you want them to do.

Men demonstrate many behavioral patterns that are like other animals, so it is possible that they will respond to a few of the same animal training methods.

When your man is misbehaving, do not tell him to stop what he is doing immediately. They do not like it when they are treated like kids. Most likely if you correct their ways, they will feel like you are acting like their mother. Men aspire to please which is why they will impulsively start to stay away from the behavior that will not please you. Timing is vital to this strategy. You have to give him an incentive at the exact time that he is showing good behavior, if not, he will not be able to connect the dots.

The playful, misbehaving boy inside will never go away no matter how old a man gets. If you have something that you need done, act silly with him for a few minutes and then tell him you will continue fooling around with him after he does what you wanted him to do. He probably will not frown at your request because he is still feeling good about your little fun time. Doing this over and over again will get him to do what you want him to do more easily.

When your guy is getting on your nerves, it is a lot better to talk to him in a calm way. Though this might be hard to do, in the end, it will be advantageous to you. Take a few minutes to compose yourself before you confront him. When you are talking to him, do it in a slow and even toned voice. It will be easier for your guy to listen to what you are telling him if you are not yelling at him. It is also important to comfort him as you deliver the hard words by putting your hands on his arm.

Body language says it all. Do not put your hands on your hips while talking to him. He will instinctively fight back. Do not also stand humbly and lean your head, this will make him think you are too passive. Instead, keep a good standing posture and keep your head up so he feels that you are on the same level. Men are more likely to want to discuss things with you if you do this.

No matter what training techniques you use, a guy will only change his ways if he wants to. A guy has to see what the advantages are if he changes. Therefore it is your job to show him these advantages. Efficient communication and self-awareness are still the keys to having a successful relationship.

Source by Annabelle Scott

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