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How to Get a Cougar Woman to Approach You First

Some of you probably love the thrill of the chase, chatting up a cougar woman and winning her over. For others, who are perhaps, more shy, you may prefer if she approached you. The good news is that cougar women generally enjoy actively seeking out hot young men. Part of the reason for the cougar label, is because cougars are not only beautiful animals, but also successful hunters.

So to get a cougar woman to approach you first (making the whole thing easier for you), you shouldn’t need to work too hard. Here are some tips to help you out.

1. Is she a cougar woman? If the woman is over 35, well dressed (often seductively), and without a wedding ring, she could be a cougar woman. She will often have a confident personality and may seem to be the life and soul of the party.

2. If you are sitting with friends, smile and laugh along with them. You will find a cougar woman is more likely to be attracted to you if you seem like a fun, relaxed guy.

3. Try to make eye contact with the cougar woman. Look in her direction and she should return your look. When you catch her eye, smile. Try to do this a few times. After making eye contact, look away, you don’t want to seem creepy.

4. Dress to impress. Cougar women look after themselves and are generally in good shape and well groomed. You should be too. Cougars may find it fun to hook up with younger men, but they don’t want a scruffy yob. Part of the appeal of dating a younger guy, is that they are generally fitter and better looking than older men.

5. Choose a table where she can see you. It sounds obvious, but when you choose your table, make sure you are somewhere where it is easy to make eye contact and let her check you out.

6. Body language. As you sit at your table, or stand at the bar, use your body language to encourage her to approach you. Keep good posture. This will help you appear confident and make your shoulders appear broader and more manly. Smile, it makes you seem so much more approachable. Sit with your legs apart, making you appear open and confident. Point your body towards her. If you are standing, be sure your feet point in her direction. She will pick up on these things subconsciously.

7. Wear a nice cologne. Take a girl friend shopping and get their opinion when choosing a nice after shave. Women can get turned on by smell and it may help attract them. Don’t drown yourself in it, just a splash.

8. Walk past her. Draw attention to yourself by walking right past her. If it is busy, you may have an excuse to brush up against her (this is the cologne’s time to work it’s magic).

9 Draw attention to yourself. Laugh, go to the bar to order drinks if she is there. Make her notice you.

10. Take action. OK, so none of this has worked? You can still go up and offer to buy her a drink. Not all cougar women are super predatory

11. Online Dating. If all this is a bit overwhelming, why not try an online cougar dating site? There are several sites that specialize in cougar dating and you will find loads of cougar women in your local area, who are available to date. The good thing about this is that you can join for free and check out cougar profiles, before you make contact. That means you can check out photos and info before initiating chat. Even better, if you fill out your profile and add some pics, you will get loads of cougar women contacting you! This is probably the easiest way to get cougar women to approach you first. Try to provide as much info as possible for the best results.

Source by Catherine Smith

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