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How to Fix a “P-Pop” in Your Audio Recording

If you do any voice recording at all, you've got most likely noticed that no make a difference how tough you attempt, you “P” sounds will in some cases seem like a little explosion, form of distorting the audio recording for a second, sounding a bit like a minimal-frequency “splat.” It is what occurs when a burst of wind hits a microphone. There are factors you can do to reduce or prevent (shya!) them (like a pop filter), which is the most effective drugs. But when they do get recorded, you'll want to know how to resolve it right after-the-fact.

One of the superb factors about audio modifying in the laptop or computer age is that you get to use your eyes as perfectly as your ears. I have edited so several P-pops (which linguists call “plosives”) that I can figure out what they Glance like on a laptop or computer screen even before I hear them. For my voice, the come out searching like a capital letter “N” in the waveform. So what can you do after the plosive is recorded to resolve it?

Considering that the plosive trouble is in essence brought on by a rush of air from your lips hitting a microphone capsule rapid and tough, what you have is a trouble of quantity. The plosive was way too loud in contrast to all the things all around it. Not only that, but most of the way too-loud bits are in the minimal end… the bass frequencies. So the resolve would be to convert down the quantity of your voice when it is hitting the “P.” In an audio editor, like Audacity (which is open up supply) you zoom in on the plosive and choose all the things suitable up until finally the voice essentially becomes audible. In other words and phrases, if the term was “pot,” attempt not to get any of the -“ah” seem in your assortment. You only want the “P” seem. Then you just use a quantity reduction resource to convert down JUST the “P.” You may possibly have to experiment (“undo” is the magic-bullet of laptop or computer audio modifying!) with how significantly you convert it down, but that may possibly be all you require to do.

If changing the quantity doesn't get you there, you could possibly just require to lower the quantity of Portion of the plosive, the bass element. You do this working with equalization (EQ), which is the similar factor as quantity, only you management what frequencies get turned up or down. Attempt cutting down quantity of frequencies underneath a hundred Hz and go away all the things else by yourself. Yet again, experimentation may possibly be needed.

Just lather, rinse, and repeat for each and every bothersome “P” pop, and you happen to be completed. It is so simple to resolve that I am baffled that some voice-overs however have them. At minimum you really don't require to anymore.

Supply by Jake Weston

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