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How to Find Your Perfume (3)

When choosing perfume, do not try more than 3 kinds of perfume one time because your sense of smell will be in disorder, thus make you fail to achieve the final purpose of buying the right perfume. Evening is the best time for choosing perfume because people's sense of smell is the most inactive in the morning and afternoon, while it is best in the evening. The perfume you choose should be perfectly matched with your personality, age and occupation. You should also pay attention to your purposes of using perfumes. You may use it for leisure, social life or touring.

You had better not buy those inferior goods for the sake of its low price. If you use inferior perfumes, the fragrance will soon disappear even if you sprinkle half bottle of the perfume on your body. It is a different case with those superior ones. The fragrance will last for a whole night even with only one or two drop.

Living environment should be taken into consideration. If you live in a quiet and peaceful environment, light perfume is the best choice. On the contrary, if you live in a noisy environment, rich perfume is surely your first choice. As for middle-aged women, perfumes with enriched flavor are suitable for them. When choosing perfume, it is better to avoid too much perfumes because it is difficult to tell differences between different perfumes when suffered from olfactory fatigue. Thus, three kinds of perfumes are enough.

Do not think that perfumes suitable for other people will surely fit for you. Even the same perfume is likely to show tiny difference if used by different people. Do not smell the fragrance near the mouth of the bottle because all you get is the pungent odour of alcohol. Do not try perfumes after meal or vigorous exercise because body temperature and the taste of food will affect the aroma of perfume.

Source by He He Jian

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