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How to Create a Wedding Album That You Will Love Forever

1. Get a flush mount wedding album.
Flush mount albums are crafted with hard covers and "board type" pages that will not bend. Their photos are dry mounted on cardboard to lay completely flat and extend across the entire page. This type of mounting combined with high quality printing makes flush mount wedding albums a great choice.

2. Get a "magazine-style" design.
The days of having separate photos glued manually into an album belong to the past. "Magazine-style" design, inspired by fashion magazines, composes several photos on one page, combining them with transitions and other "special effects".

3. Tell a story.
Place your designs in chronological order and tell a story about your wedding as shown in the photos. Put corresponding titles on the pages, eg the reception, the speech etc. Wedding albums that tell a story look more interesting and are much more fun to read.

4. Use all available photos, not just those from your photographer.
Your wedding photographer has certainly made some great photos, but you might find the most original shots among those made by your wedding guests. Nowadays, almost every guest brings a digital camera, snaps away during the celebration and will happily share his masterpieces with you. Select the best and include them in your album. Albums with a couple of original guest shots stand out from those that follow the book too closely.

5. Get involved in the wedding album design.
Even if you trust your album designer blindly, it is your wedding album and wedding albums in general are very personal objects. Therefore, check up on the design frequently and if you spot something you are not fully happy with, then get it changed!

6. Choose your photo carefully.
Once the photos are in the album you can not take them out anymore (unless you are going self-mount). So, make sure that you love all of them. Nothing is worse than having to skip a page when flipping through the album, because it shows your mother-in-law with her tummy open.

Source by Sophia Guggenheimer

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