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How to Be the Girl Every Guy Wants – 7 Things You Must Do to Become the Ultimate Guy Magnet

Nothing beats the excitement and fun knowing that you are wanted by the guys! If you want to be the girl who is every man's dream, you should make sure that you come up to that standard. Here are some pointers as to how you can be that! Follow them and before too long every guy will be chasing you.

Don't be caught too easily

If you want every guy to eye you like a coveted prize you should make sure that you are not too available or easily “caught”. Keep your distance and make the guys eye you! Look sensational and behave in a manner that makes you appealing and sexy. Most guys will queue up to know you and date you.

Drive them crazy with desire for you

If you dress in a manner that shows off your sexy body in a subtle and classy manner, no guy will be able to look at you without wanting you. Look gorgeous in clothes that reveal your long, sexy legs, minute waist and shiny hair! Take care to look aloof and at the same time inviting and friendly. This combination will make the guys crazy for you.

Show off your talents and gifts

Everyone knows that it is not only a girl's looks that can hold a guy's attention but everything about her – her personality, talents and characteristics that make her the type of person she is. Guys don't want to date a girl who just looks like a fashion model but might as well be a mannequin in a shop window – they look for certain qualities that make her extremely interesting in every way.

Become the most popular girl around

If you are popular with the girls and boys then it is obvious that you will become the most talked about girl in town. Be a person who guys as well as girls would like to be with. This means that portray an image that is tantalizing as well as interesting. Once the guys start noticing how popular you are – they will chase you.

Learn how to be a good friend

Nobody can resist a good friend. Have the qualities a person needs in order to be considered a true friend. Let the guys see that you are honest, loyal, fun and exciting. Let integrity be high on your list of virtues. Once they see that you are a person they can trust – they won't be able to resist you.

Look tempting and too good to be true

Once the guys have you in their sights – you have it made! They should see you as a sexy goddess who seems to be too good to be true! Dress in a sexy yet classy manner that puts you way above the other girls around. This will make them want to date you and have you for their own.

Be known as a girl who won't settle for second best

Have standards of your own. If you are known as the girl who won't settle for second best, guys will know that they have to come up to scratch to get your attention! This will automatically put you in a position that is way out of their league, making you even more desirable.

Source by Krista Hiles

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