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How People Get Married in India

People living in India are very much dedicated and devoted towards their culture, they strongly believe in existence of god and adopt all the beliefs and procedures as mentioned in their holy books and as followed by their ancestors. India is a country with religious diversity. Few major religions followed in India are Hinduism, Sikhism, Islam  and Christianity. People enjoy a public holiday or a bank holiday whenever there is some any religious festival for any of the religion.

In Hinduism there are many gods and Hindus living in different parts of country follow these gods. Hindu marriages involve various rituals which everyone tries to follow, to receive the sacred blessings from god. Most of the people in India have been getting married through an arrange marriage, where the parents of the boy or girl finds a suitable match for their child, keeping in mind the family status and religion of the other party. Inter-caste or inter-religion marriages are still not accepted in many cases. Having a love marriage is not amongst the most respected and accepted things in india.

After the parents find a suitable match for their child a ring ceremony will be arranged in few days where the couple exchanges the ring . Then an auspicious date will be chosen by the priest keeping in mind the astrological and religious factors. On the day of marriage the bridegroom rides on a horse and friends and family dance on the tunes played by the band around him. They move to the bride's house in this pattern where various other rituals are performed.

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