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How Men Fall in Love

Do you know what men go through when they feel love? Did you know men fall in love differently than women? How do men fall in love? How can I make him feel it? You get the feeling when it’s love but he feels nothing when it’s love. Your man has a powerful experience when love hits.

Men fall in love the opposite of women. Goosebumps all over their skin tells a woman he’s the one I picture marrying while men never think about that until the wedding planning is almost done. Every woman should know how men fall in love and save themselves the unsuccessful problem solving.

Men fall in love not by chemical reaction but rational comprehension. Love is just a feeling that women experience but for men, it’s a brain process that finally lets them know there is a real future with this person. Women get that feeling as visions of their dress and honeymoon take over.

Initially men are driven by sexual desire but that doesn’t fuel them to try relationships. Men are shy which is why they take time opening up and voicing their emotions, they’re afraid of rejection. Love is major for a man and they put everything into love so to possibly be turned down, is frightening.

This is where women can make the move. History was written for men to do it all and the women ran the house but now women have power and ambitions to get what they want. Give simple affectionate gestures to let him know you love him and he’ll feel that assurance his heart won’t be turned down.

While he reaches that pivotal moment where he has an epiphany that you are his woman for all time, enjoy what the relationship has been so far and cherish each moment you experience until he catches up. Men fall in love slowly but surely so just be patient.

Source by Tina L. Jones

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