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How Do You Fix a Hangover?

It has been estimated that 25 to 30 per cent of the general population are impervious to the hangover. What this means is that around one in four fortunate people don't know how the rest of us feel after a big night out. Why this is so is a medical mystery. But medicine has found ways for those of us who are susceptible to the effects of a hangover to treat it and lessen its severity, leaving us with the ability to get on with the rest of our day.

What constitutes a hangover?

Those of us who should know better know that a hangover isn't exactly subtle. The most obvious symptom is a throbbing headache, which as well as being unpleasant makes doing the simple everyday tasks difficult. Some people are also prone to vomiting, shaky hands and a general feeling of lethargy.

But one symptom that few tend to associate with a hangover is an inhibited ability to function cognitively. Those of us who've attempted to go to work or school after a night of drinking will testify that your ability to make decisions and absorb information is restricted. All of these symptoms are due to your body coming to terms with the fact that the alcohol in your system is slowly leaving you, releasing an unhealthy dose of toxins in its wake.

Is there a cure?

Unfortunately not. Once the hangover has taken hold, your only choice is to toughen up and ride it out. However, I have compiled a list of natural treatments that you can take while still intoxicated to help inhibit a hangover from occurring. So you can join that lucky quarter of the population who have no clue what it's like to have their day ruined by excessive drinking.

The first and most effective supplement that you can take to fix a hangover is called L-Methionine. When taken, L-Methionine binds with alcohol to produce citric acid (harmless, found in fruit!). This is great, because it assists your body in filtering alcohol from your system – just remember to take this while still intoxicated – taking it the next day won't have any effect!

Of course that's not all. There are a number of other supplements you can take to fix a hangover – each one will bring you closer to joining that lucky 25% of the population who don't ever experience this nasty feeling!

Source by Andrew Lynn

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