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Holiday Gfit Guide: The Perfect Watch

Tis the season for the holidays and gift-giving which raises the question: Have you picked and purchased all your gifts yet? If you're anything like me, you've been too busy to make your list and check it twice. If you're looking for a gift idea that is simple yet personal, consider choosing a watch as the perfect gift (and I'm not just saying that because I've been designing watches for the last five years). Whether your budget is $10.00 or $1000.00, a timepiece for him or her is always a thoughtful gift. Watches are timeless and whenever your loved ones wear the fantastic watch you got them, they will think of you. In this article, I will provide tips on what to consider when buying a watch as a gift (for him and her). I will also give you advice on how to buy the perfect watch without breaking the bank.

When Shopping for HER

Whether you're looking for a watch for a significant other, your sister, or a long time friend, always keep in mind what her fashion style is. Ladies watches come in many different categories: classic, sporty, trendy, and dressy, each being an equally great gift. An important feature to think about is the size of the watch. Although most women's watches have traditionally been on the small side (28mm – 32mm case size), the trend has recently changed to larger face watches also known as the “boyfriend” style watch. In this case, bigger really is better so I would recommend a larger watch for someone who is style and trend conscious. Another feature to think about is diamonds or rhinestones on the watch. They say “Diamonds are a girl's best friend” and the option is definitely there to make the gift extra special by choosing a diamond watch. If diamonds are not within your budget, there are several alternatives to consider including Swarovski crystals or rhinestones to bring the “bling bling” to her wrist. The next feature to consider is the band – do you go with a metal band, leather strap or the now trendy rubber/ silicone strap? In this case, it's best to think about what would resonate best with her personal style, and if she has a sporty or fashion-forward vibe to her, you should go with the rubber strap. Keep in mind that leather and rubber straps are adjustable, while a metal band needs to be sized with a jeweler.

When Shopping for HIM

Ladies, buying a watch for a man is completely different than buying jewelry for yourself. While his personal style is important to consider, remember that functionality is key. Most men are less likely to wear jewelry, and if he is anything like me, he wants more features than just time telling on his watch (even if he has no practical use for that cool-looking chronograph or stop watch). Lean towards watches with multiple functions and intricate dials so his watch feels more like a cool gadget than a piece of jewelry. Consider how active he is and how often he has to dress up (does he have a dress code for work?). If he is a suit and tie guy, then you probably want to go with a subtle and slim watch. If he is active or plays sports, I would recommend something edgier but also practical and durable. Consider personalizing the watch by engraving initials or something special on the back of the case to add that extra touch.


My Recommendations

Here are several noteworthy brands:

You can never go wrong with a cool Invicta watch. These watches are made of pure stainless steel and specialize in a classic look for men and women. Breitling is another great stocking stuffer and also a favorite among celebrities and athletes. Beware, these brands could break your bank. For those of you searching for the perfect watch which is not only great quality but also affordably priced, you can't go wrong with a Just Bling diamond watch. Like the Invicta and Breitling, Just Bling showcases solid stainless steel, modern oversized faces, and genuine diamonds. Just Bling also carries a variety of styles that fit men and women of all ages. I love the raw and urban feel of their watches, but they also have classic styles so you can find a watch for anyone. If you're really in a hurry to get the perfect watch, Just Bling has partnered up with to provide free overnight shipping on all their watches for the holiday season – when you buy the watch on Amazon, you can order as late as December 23rd and still get your watches in time for Christmas. Check out their styles at or

Source by Stephanie Moore

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